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“A Living Lab is an environment, in which you will have access to the most valuable resources for your business : meet all the stakeholders of your industry, test your offer with real feedbacks, co-create with a diversity of point of views to make your offer to fit with the market need.”

The 3 main assets of a Living Lab

  1. Co-creation: bring players together with a diversity of knowledge, experience and point of views to enhance ideation and develop new concepts.
  2. Public-Private stakeholders mix: customers, companies, academics, public and civic bodies, this stakeholders mix is a part of the co-creation process, every building needs bricks stuck together.
  3. Real conditions and market feedbacks: 1 + 2 = 3! Concepts co-created by a mix of different stakeholders, answer to the real need(s) of the market.

Why should I join one? #maker

If you have a project or an initiative in the field of development of the Lab, you should join for many reasons:

  • to meet key players and stakeholders in your local industry
  • to test your project and make it grow by taking every point of view into account
  • to make it happen, you need to work you plan in real conditions to get valuable feedbacks from users
  • to test and adapt your POC in order your project fit with the market

3 Living Labs in London #smartcity

Urban Innovation Center

“Designed to be a collaborative hub for businesses, academics, city leaders and entrepreneurs to connect, develop and create smart city solutions, the Urban Innovation Centre is currently home to Future Cities Catapult and some of the world’s best urban innovators.”

UK Smart Mobility Living Lab

“Located in Greenwich, the Living Lab provides a real-life environment where CAV systems, services and processes can be safely developed, evaluated and integrated with the local community.”

London Living Labs – Smart London Innovation Networks

“The London Living Labs is a city scale environment that is instrumented to enable experiments to be carried out in situ. It has been established by Intel, the Future Cities Catapult, researchers at ICRI Cities and a collective of local stakeholders in the city.”

Want to know more about Living Labs in Europe?  Here is a good list. The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is the international federation of benchmarked living labs in Europe and worldwide.

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Vincent Corjeon, Business developper, LiNXEO, Ecosystem Architects

Tuesday the 2nd January, 2018